At Gillibrand, all Key Stage 2 pupils learn French. We chose to study French in order to provide and ensure a successful transition between primary and secondary schools.  The majority of the local high schools teach French in Year 7. Therefore, by teaching French, we ensure our pupils experiences an exciting introduction to the language, giving them confidence and preparing them for secondary school.

Through the teaching of French, we teach children that we are one country in a world of many countries and many languages. Through our French culture days, links to high schools and by integrating French into our creative curriculum, we provide pupils with the understanding that they are citizens of a diverse world where many languages are spoken We encourage children to aspire, one day, to experience other cultures and languages first hand and draw upon the experiences of staff and pupils.

The teaching of French is always made interactive, fun and enjoyable. Through a combination of speaking, listening, games, songs, and role-play, pupils are introduced to new vocabulary. Pupils are also given opportunities to read and write in French. They also listen to authentic spoken French, which helps them to develop their own French accent.  Where possible, we focus on the use of French language for practical purposes and in real-life, or role-play situations. We use real objects, such as money, food and clothing, to bring lessons to life.

We develop links across the curriculum to include France and the French Language. In Geography we study the Geography of France and during the study of mountains pupils learn about the French alps. In English we link the understanding of grammar to French grammar and through musical history assemblies, children learn about French composers.


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