We use Geography as a ‘driver’ subject where the over-arching theme is interlinked with other subjects.  To enhance our school community, pupils learn together as a Key Stage to create a community of learning across school.  In Key Stage 1, a 2-year rolling program is adopted whereas in Key Stage 2 it is over a 4-year rolling program. 

Key Stage 1

Year A

Year B


Fieldwork in town


Fieldwork in the school grounds


Hot and Cold Places

UK - Countries and Capital Cities

Small Area – Non-European

China – Chengdu



Australia - Daintree






Key Stage 2


Year A

Year B

Year C

Year D


North America

Europe (including a region in France)

South America


Local and Fieldwork







Global Development, Environmental and Sustainability

Volcanoes and Earthquakes.

Global Development, Environmental and Sustainability


To enhance the geography curriculum further, we aim to engage children with a stimulating and exciting topic introduction, and we use trips and visitors to provide specialist knowledge and understanding of the area of study.


Through the study of place, children learn to celebrate diversity, community and culture, comparing and contrasting their own locality with that of others.

Local Geography and Fieldwork

We use our immediate and surrounding areas, to allow children to develop and apply their geographical skills in a range of fun an exciting way.  This includes use of ICT and Digi-map to develop mapping skills, on-site orienteering activities


Our themes are taken directly from the National Curriculum and used to drive our inter-related curriculum.  We also create opportunities to reinforce knowledge of the theme in other areas, particularly reading and writing in our English and Guided Reading Sessions.  In this way, knowledge is transferred into different contexts and retention is successfully encouraged